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    On-site installation

    Seda Medical follows up with installation and management of the supplied equipment by a team of specialized personnel.

    Preventive Maintenance

    We ensure that the medical equipment operates in accordance with its design and manufacture parameters and safe working conditions. A regular PM inspection and equipment calibration are performed in accordance with internationally accepted standards and MOH regulatory requirements.

    Corrective Maintenance

    Seda Medical restores the equipment to its specified condition when it fails. This includes normal equipment breakdown maintenance, Routine/Scheduled maintenance, Emergency response, and On-Call service maintenance activities. Our company makes sure of the provision of required spare parts.

    User training

    Our company’s training sessions, workshops and training programs provide the knowledge and skills needed in order to operate each and any equipment at the utmost level of profession and can include a variety of subjects such as handling, protocols, general use and general operation awareness.

    Consulting services

    The company offers project-based consulting on several types of device regulations.